Fave Quotes From My Fave Writers

I am fond of collecting quotes from books that I have read. When a particular quote strikes me while I’m reading a book, I take note of them and read it over and over. I guess I am not the only one who do this. Many readers out there loves writing down quotes because it inspires them and motivate them to do well in their writing.

Here are some writing quotes from my favorite authors/ writers that really made an impact to my writing journey:


My dream destinations

Everyone of us has our own dream destinations. For a traveler like me, the list is too long and I don’t know if I can able to step my foot in each place that I want to go. I dream a lot. And there are so many places that I want to go to. Here are just some:

Santorini in Greece


Paris, the capital of France and the heart-throb of Europe



SIPADAN- The jewel in the crown of diving in Malaysia



Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival

Barcelona, Spain




Hello December! Hello Christmas season!

Christmas is my favorite season of the year. There are so many things to love on this day. When we say Christams it is when Santa is coming to town, (just kidding) I mean it is the day that Baby Jesus was born. Yes, I still believe that it is the true essence of Christmas. Most people celebrate on this day because it is baby Jesus birthday, Yey! . Well, aside from that fact, other more things that I love about Christmas time are:

SNOW!!! yehey!!!!

A great time with my family.

Decorating the house with beautiful lights, parole, and Christmas tree 🙂

Christmas sale!!! woohooo!

Gifts! More gifts!!!!

And more food!