Dear Stress…

  A prolonged exposure to high stress level is bad to our health. Even though we don’t like to feel stressed we cannot avoid it. Stress is everywhere and it depends on you how you will able to manage it.   Stress never leaves me especially in my work. There’s no time of the day that I feel burdened and exhausted by stress. As much as I want to fight it, I don’t know how. I feel lost. There are also times that I just want to quit and let stress, sadness, and depression succumb me. But then, a little voice just whispered into my ears – “Don’t lose hope, there’s always a solution to a problem”.   If you’re in the most stressful situation in your life right now, I advised you to do these stress-busting tips: AVOID PEOPLE WHO STRESS YOU OUT TAKE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING TIME MANAGEMENT IS THE KEY FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE HAVE TIME FOR YOURSELF WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER


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