It’s Love Month


Love is in the air during the month of February for lovers and single people. I do believe that Valentine’s day is not only for lovers. It is for everyone who wants to share their love with their family, friends, and colleagues. Are you excited to celebrate Valentines day? What are your plans? What kind of gift ideas you have in mind for your loved ones?

Valentines day is  a very special day for me not only because I have a special someone in my life. This day reminds me to do something special and romantic for the people I loved. Believe it or not, but during this season I hate spending too much money for gifts. So what I do is I think of sweet and unique gift ideas that don’t need to spend a dime.

1. Write a love letter or note in pillows


2. Paper Chandelier with the photos of your loved ones

3. DIY love letters never fail

4. A simple frame like this is also a romantic idea. Don’t you think?

5. Want some coffee? This will complete your day.

6. Don’t give your love a box of chocolates, give her a bouquet of chocolates 🙂

7. Paper flowers is the latest trend.


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